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Как подключить serial tp-link 1043nd

Как подключить serial tp-link 1043nd

TP-LINK Archer C series. From WikiDevi. Jump to: navigation, search. Automatically generated tables. Device Type PHY TP-LINK Debuts AC Router Duo. Как подключить Использование стороннего ПО на устройствах TP-Link. Product Serial Number. Как подключить Використання стороннього ПЗ на пристроях TP-Link. Find your product MAC and Serial. OpenWrt Downloads. Welcome to the OpenWrt download area. Follow the links below to find the appropriate directory. Stable Release.

DD-WRT is generally more stable than the factory firmware and contains more advanced features. This is a pretty easy firmware upgrade with one catch. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment.

Also, let me know what builds you have found to be stable on this router. Where did you downloaded that german firmware file? I see you mirrored it into your website, but i want to know the source. I just used this file since it has been successful and once you know the basic navigation, the language is not really an issue.

Прошился как вы написали,немецкую ,потом dd-wrt,Wan заработал заморгал ,определился интернет,показывает сеть,что я подключён,но интернета нет,роутер не раздаёт интернет не по Lan,не по Wi-fi,подскажите не знаете ли в чём проблема. Did you have written, van to work, but no Internet , router does not distribute Internet, shows that the network is,мас determines,all everywhere prescribes but internet not, like not working DHCP the router.

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  • Sounds like your WAN port is not working. Try installing the revert to stock firmware file I posted in the blog, then install the german firmware, and finally install DD-WRT. Thanks for posting the revert bin.

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    I take it just run through update firmware option on router homepage and reboot? Firmware r work. A with r оn r no work, dhcp server no work. Awesome, stoked as! Thanks for the post! Hi there- Very helpful but I must have done something wrong in the process. I have found the original firmware, but would you let me know how I can flash the firmware back to the router?

    Thanks in advance! I keep getting a error that the factory file is too large when upgrading from the german version. Any ideas?

    OpenWrt Downloads

    Sounds like you are uploading an incorrect file. Also, make sure the file is not corrupt try to download it again. No change using your direct linked file unfortunately. Hopefully that will fix it all.

    Setup Video

    Appreciate your assistance regardless. I had been picking a different menu option instead of reading firmware upgrade. Picking the correct menu item makes all the difference.

    Thanks again! Thank you for this very accurate and well written tuto. What is your opinion about this. Yes, the recommended thing to do is to clear your NVRAM by doing a reset before and after each firmware upgrade.

    I usually just do a factory reset through dd-wrt or the factory firmware which will usually clear the NVRAM.

    If you suggest to clean maybe you know that command?

    Как подключить serial tp-link 1043nd

    Then just put in your password and you can issue the following commands: erase nvram reboot. Updated mine last night. Hopefully it will stop dropping signal etc that the stock firmware was doing. I am curious; did it solve your issues with wifi signal drop?

    Happened with hardware revision 1. When I search for the dd-wrt firmware on the dd-wrt.

    Navigation menu

    On the FTP link you provide the build numbe ris already up to r Are these nightly alpha builds and safe to use? Or should I just use the link provided on dd-wrt. The dd-wrt router database is pretty outdated.

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  • You have to find the newer builds by searching through the FTP server. Just avoid the ones with -testing, those are nightly builds.

    The only problems with some of the newer builds is some routers do not work well with the newer wifi drivers in them. IT TV works, but sometimes freeze and all network disconnects. So now I want to try change original firmware to dd-wr.

    Our will have troubles in future for this?

    Converting a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND to DD-WRT

    Any kind of video streaming over wireless can suffer problems if there is not a good amount of buffering. DD-WRT may help but you might also have to tune your network. If this does not work then you will need to either run a wire or try a wireless bridge. Good luck. Thanks Joey for answer. Now I over 6 mounths user original WRND firmware — IP TV work, some days it work perfect, sometimes TV stops and network limited becomes, then need disconect and again connect and TV works again some time… maybe need try configure first original firmware?

    Can you give some advice? I will try check network area by inSSIDer. Sometimes it work perfect. But sometimes IT show but after some time everything freezing, network become Limited network, need disconets and again connect. Why so happen?

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    Buffering this is problem? Maybe you can advice me try change some original firmware settings?

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    I still have the stock firmware on wrnd. I have attached a hard drive to it and it is accessable by all my laptops and mobiles n can use the media server function……but my samsung smart tv , connected through ethernet cable, cannot detect the router or hard drive although the tv does detect media files on other laptops on same network.

    If i upgrade it to dd-wrt, wll it be able to detect. I think your TV requires the AllShare software to be installed on your computer to access the files.

    I am not sure what protocol AllShare uses. You could install that software on your computer and then just point it to your networked hard drive and the TV should then be able to access the files.

    Hi Joey, I am a noob here. I would like to enable the 3G modem support for the USB.

    Как подключить serial tp-link 1043nd

    Does flashing to dd-wrt help? The original firmware supports usb storage only. I am using a AC evdo rev B 3G modem. I have tp link tl nd ver 1. I tried the description above, but WAN port still not working. Do you have any idea? THX: P! If you went straight into DD-WRT without doing the German firmware first then you will need to revert back to stock firmware using the link I provided in the tutorial.

    Make the job simple and successful. How is your experience using the WRND so far? Is it stable? How often do you have to power cycle it? Very stable, I have it running in a business environment with wireless devices constantly using it on a daily basis. It has been running since I wrote this article and they have only power cycled it once and that was because it was stacked on top of a modem and got too hot.

    Stable Release

    This router can get pretty hot so make sure not to put it on other devices that can get warm. They basically include all of dd-wrt features, not just a limited set.

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  • As far as I know, this router does not support those version due to only having 8MB of flash memory. Who is your VPN provider?

    Как подключить serial tp-link 1043nd

    I have one small problem though:- I was able to set up and access the Addonics 4. Now Internet explorer will not access the GUI to re-setup the firmware on that. I suspect it is the new router firmware but no idea how to resolve it. If you are able to assist and have any other details you need please fire away.

    To prevent problems in the future, you should assign it a static private IP either by assigning it in DD-WRT or by assigning it in the Addonics settings. HI Joey, I assume u are aware of the problem with the Buil related to the wireless problems.

    Since iam close to the decision to revert back to the stock firmware btw iam trying to get the instruction how to do it.. Should i just use the webflash. Thank you in advance for your answer.